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Everything is Bigger in Texas, Even the Pools

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We may be LSU Tiger fans (National Champions 2020, Never Forget), but that doesn't mean we can't build a pool for some Red Raiders. So, we did just that for the residents of Wildwood in Lubbock, TX. This student housing project was exciting from start to finish. We designed this project in conjunction with Ryan Dunlevy of Southeast Engineers. It features a multi-level pool with a swim up bar, stepping pads, and multiple tanning areas.

This project had its' challenges, our crews got to experience the dust storms of Lubbock, something that Louisiana humidity typically spares us of. In addition, due to the size of the pool, we often had crews working before sunrise and after sunset to get the pool excavated, gunited, and plastered.

We still aren't Raider's fans, but we are fans of this pool and the residents of Wildwood in Lubbock, TX. We can also confirm that everything is in fact bigger in Texas, and pools are no exception.

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